Benefits of ACCW Membership - Join Today!

The ACCW is representing the communications construction industry within the Pacific Northwest. We recognize and understand the ever growing demand for skilled labor within our industry and the accreditation to back it up. We've entered an era that understands the need for higher safety standards along with the solution of on going training in order to stay productive. Balancing these two veribales is the key to a successful business. 

Contract Members

The ACCW offers free annual training for Contractor Member employees. Training is designed by our board members that consist of local Municipal, County, Port, DOT, and Tribal leaders based on what they see as essential for work performed within their region of control. Training is consistent with Washington State WAC.  Contract members will receive access to bid opportunities within these arenas.

Individual Members

Individual Members will be classified as apprentice or journeyman member. Journeyman members must show sufficient proof of at least 6000hrs in the industry and pass the ACCW exam. Apprentices will be signed on and receive annual training and certification until qualified to take journeyman exam. Individual Members will receive assisted job placement within the industry along with free annual training and certification.

Connecting with Industry Leaders

Members of the ACCW will receive invitations to industry roundtable sessions introducing you to industry leaders, contractors, technicians and suppliers working in your arena.

Networking Opportunities

The ACCW will hold annual convention within the PNW offering members network opportunities. Here members meet, hear nationally known speakers, participate in  industry roundtables, take part in career building educational sessions,  play in the Annual Golf Tournament, and enjoy first class social activities.

Business-To-Business Opportunities

Meet and network with contractors and manufacturers at the ACCW Annual Convention Exhibit and discuss industry developments and  technology innovations. This two-hour breakfast session allow you to  meet a select number of leading industry suppliers one-on-one in an open  and relaxed venue to ask question and research new opportunities.

Targeted Legislative and Regulatory Action Programs

ACCW government and industry relation efforts advance the interest of  the association’s members by engaging in constructive ongoing work with Government official and industry stakeholder groups.

To join, please fill out the application or contact us for more information.